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As one of our core mission, we organize drug deaddiction camps frequently. In these camps we invite a socially regarded personality, who addresses the audience and motivate those to give away addiction and return back to main stream of society.

Awareness against Child Marriage

Rural area of Rajasthan and Haryana are known for following child marriage tradition. From our DVSPT platform, we organize awareness programs, seminars and ‘nukkad natak’ to highlight dis-advantage of child marriage and unite societies to stand against such mal-practices. 

Eye Camps

With collaboration with various other CSR units, we have successfully organized eye camps where several patients having different eyes related deforms were treated by well known doctors. Post operative care, medicines were provided to ensure maximum benefit to participants.

Health Checkup Camp

From time to time, we organize health camps. Under NRHM program using mobile health care unit we reach to deep corners of the state where otherwise focus on healthcare is not that much. During these camps various specialist doctors & health workers provide their services. We also offer free blood tests, medicines to attendees.